Need a quick loan? Want to sell something you no longer wear or use? In search of the perfect gift? Whether you are pawning, selling or buying merchandise, CCJL is the only stop you’ll need to make.

Sell what you no longer need

CCJL helps our customers
make it through the tough times

pearl and diamond earringsFor centuries, people have pawned items of value in exchange for help with daily living expenses, for reasons that include unexpected bills and increases in the prices of gas and electricity.

We’re known for being fair and honest when it comes to helping customers make it through an unsettled economy. Our goal is to make your life just a little easier, whether you’re looking for a short term loan, or to sell something you no longer use. We also have a large selection of quality new and used items available for purchase, at prices you’ll be happy to see.

Read below to learn more about how we work, or contact us for immediate assistance.

Need a Loan?

There is no limit to the amount CCJL can lend. We offer competitive, fair pricing for all of our loans. All loans may be redeemed or extended as your circumstances change, and every loan we give is secured by collateral. We take many items as collateral, including:

  • Jewelry — diamonds, gems, gold, silver, and platinum
  • Cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs and boats
  • Tools
  • Coin and stamp collections
  • Antiques
  • Musical instruments
  • TVs and computer equipment

Discretion is our number one priority — meet with us in our showroom or use one of our private transaction rooms. Our staff will assess the value of the item(s) you’re using as collateral. Once we agree on a loan amount, we’ll take care of the required paperwork. A few minutes later, we pay you…in cash.

Sell What You No Longer Need

Classic ChevroletLooking for extra cash but don’t want a loan? Or maybe you no longer have a use for your collection of Snap On tools or the 1920s diamond encrusted pin you inherited from Great Aunt Edna. Just because you’re no longer interested in them doesn’t mean they’re worthless. We want to buy what you want to sell.

Check with us before you give it away… there’s a chance that what you think might be fake could be worth a whole lot more; maybe it's a diamond and not a cubic zirconium, or perhaps that bowl is solid sterling and not silver plated. Why take a chance?

As with our loan process, CCJL staff members will assess the value of what you want to sell, agree on a dollar amount and complete some required paperwork. Then, we’ll give you cash.

Why pay retail?

luxury wrist watchOur inventory is your opportunity to buy at far below retail. When loans are not repaid, these items are available for purchase. We also sell items we buy directly from customers.

Savvy visitors can find great deals on all kinds of quality new and used items, with significant savings on everything from jewelry, musical instruments, tools, cameras and lenses, to computers, laptops, stereo equipment, TVs, MP3 players, XBOX and Wii gaming systems, bikes and more.

We carry an extensive selection of beautiful estate jewelry, including Rolex watches and Tiffany necklaces, well-cared for musical instruments, such as Les Paul guitars, and a variety of tools, IPODs, and brand name laptops and desktops, such as Dell and Mac.

Our merchandise selection changes daily, so if you don’t see it in our store today, there’s a good chance you will tomorrow.

Have something specific in mind? We can probably find it for you through our extensive network, and you’ll still save money.

Questions about buying, selling or pawning items? Please contact us.